Go from idea-stage to seed rounds faster with our fixed price Approach

Bootstrapping a company is complicated. We are here to support you at every stage, lower burn rates, and grow pre-money valuation.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • $100M+ Fundings raised
  • 20+ Years on the market
  • 300+ Startups delivered
  • 330+ Certified professionals
  • 6 Years average cooperation time
  • Arctrieval
  • Rooqi
  • Limpid Markets
  • XPERTyme
  • Mycarrire
  • Flexwise

Startup Packages

Do you know what kind of solutions you seek for startups?
Opt for a service package to speed up project delivery.
The packages have been designed to provide the best price based on your real project needs:

  • Discovery Pack*

    This package suits early idea validation.

    • Market Overview
    • Competitor Overview
    • Feature List
    • Team Composition
    • Architectural blueprint
    • Technology stack
    • Pitching Presentation
    • Audience Segmentation and Profiling
    • Budget Estimation & Timeline
    • Requirements Identification


    Scope of Work & Pitch Deck



    timeline: 3 Weeks+

  • Design Pack*

    This package helps validate your product’s look, feel, and usability.

    • Wireframing (UX design)
    • Product Concept Design
    • Mockup (UI Design)
    • Branding
    • Clickable Prototype


    Concept UI/UX Design



    timeline: 2 Weeks+

  • MVP Pack*

    This package is for startups looking to start market testing as soon as possible.

    • Discovery Phase
    • UI/UX Design
    • Project Management
    • Architecture Design
    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Quality Assurance
    • Business Analysis & Tech Consulting


    Scalable MVP



    timeline: 12 Weeks+

  • Custom Pack

    Not sure about your needs or plan a fully custom solution? Book a free consultation.

    • Product Discovery
    • UI/UX Design
    • MVP
    • DevOps
    • Full-Cycle Development & Testing


    Custom Product



    Per request

*DevOps is not included.

Having a great idea, but limited timelines and budget? Explore the ways how we can assist you

As we work a lot with idea-stage startups, we know how crucial it is to develop products in time and within budgets. We ensure the rapid speed of our services from discovery to MVP and further by:

Flexible & Clear Processes

Startups must be quick and agile to address market & clients' feedback changes. We have clear processes to give you idea of each step.

Healthy Communication

Proactive position, constant reporting, and connection. We know how crucial it is to keep in touch and transfer vision to each other.


Sticking only to the necessary milestones and disruptive technologies lets expand up to 30% quicker.

Transparent Payment

No full sum payments required. You pay partially as per a detailed payment plan discussed with you in advance.

Our clients' success stories

With IT Craft, entrepreneurs get their dream software solutions up and running. Our engineers help you keep pace with software development plans at any stage.


This Web-based management system streamlines communication between shipping carriers and their customers.

The team built a Web portal from scratch. It focused then on feature expansion and performance. Developers transferred software to the cloud to increase scalability.

  • MVP Pack

    We started with

  • 6+ years

    Product operates

  • $36.8M

    Fundings raised



This highly integrated platform makes active, multiplayer VR activities possible. 

The IT Craft team started from an MVP, delivering missing functionality. It also developed Omni SDK to help VR game developers port their apps to Omni.

  • 5+ years

    Product operates

  • $48.1M

    Fundings raised



This Web service simplifies workload balancing and finding professionals for temporary positions at large clinics. It also streamlines staff management.

The team optimized the app architecture, added missing features, and delivered an MVP app. It introduces new features and works on maintenance.

  • MVP Pack

    We started with

  • 5+ years

    Product operates

  • $6M

    Fundings Raised



The project started as a marketplace for billable calls between experts and their customers. It expanded, covering a series of use cases and industries. 

The team delivered an MVP within a tight timeline to help win clients. It continued working on platform expansion and optimization. 

  • Discovery Pack

    We started with

  • 70+

    Clients won


    Challenge winners



This cross-platform mobile solution helps coaches plan and execute training sessions and track athletes’ progress. 

The IT Craft team launched the MVP app for basketball trainers. It expanded product functionality, including different kinds of sports competitions. 

  • MVP Pack

    We started with

  • 5+ years

    Product operates

  • 6.000

    Active users



Chris Scheid, Co-Founder

“They’re tremendous at documenting progress and follow through. Their diligence gives me more freedom to run my business.”


Martin Berg, Co-Founder

“We’ve built [our app] based on some really good communication, trustworthy environment that speeded up the process of building the app, integrating customer feedback.”


Paul Hodge, Co-Founder

“If I had one sentence to use to explain IT Craft, I would say that they are smart and they get the job done. No excuses. No surprises.”


Charles Sakkal, Founder

“The whole team is much dedicated to the work which is something you can’t get at a lot of other software companies. There is a 100% transparency in the company which I love because I like to always know what’s going on.”


Do you have an unanswered question? Contact us. 

We are happy to address your concerns.

Realize my idea

Our Recognitions

About us

Software solutions for startups have been the company’s focus since its foundation. We have helped to secure $100M+ in funding for our clients worldwide.
  IT Craft remains a reliable tech partner for startup companies. We support their growing needs, helping expand functionality and serve end users 24/7/365.

A trusted partner for startups from early stage


Years in business


Startups created




Projects delivered

industries where we excel

  • HealthTech

    Apps for doctors, CRM systems for clinics administration, patient data management solutions.

  • Logistics

    Warehouse management, asset tracking systems, route planning, and optimization software.

  • Fantasy Sports & Gaming

    White label fantasy sports software, flexible approach, any degree of customization.

  • FinTech

    Financial marketplaces, cryptocurrency trading solutions, payroll solutions.

  • E-Commerce

    Online stores, catalogs, POSs, retail shops.

  • eLearning

    Learning management systems, content authoring software, online learning marketplaces, corporate learning portals, virtual classrooms.

Benefits from Cooperation with IT Craft

Working culture across IT Craft's development teams is key to providing solutions for startups. You count on:

  • Gig

    Proven expertise

    Our senior team members have acquired yearlong expertise of delivering quality software. It offers you project improvements to help launch faster, cheaper and with improved quality.

  • Gig

    Working ethics

    The team always maintains a proactive attitude while adhering to determined limits, delivering on time and within budget. The dedicated project manager maintains transparent communication, regularly updating project statuses.

  • Gig

    All-in-one approach

    The assembled team covers all project-related needs, including business analysis, design and software maintenance. We add more engineers when scope expands. Just tell us.


Why should I choose IT Craft?

You get high-quality services for your budget. 
Here is how IT Craft increases your project’s bottom line:

  • 20+ years in launching startup products
  • full-cycle development and maintenance services
  • wide tech stack
  • attention to each detail
  • high working standards
  • flexibility
  • knowledge transfer
What is your process? 

We deliver software solutions for startups in the following steps:

  1. Sign an NDA and receive initial project information.
  2. Discover and clarify project details in a series of discussions.
  3. Finalize goals and requirements in an agreement.
  4. Develop, test, and stabilize the codebase.
  5. Launch the app if needed.
  6. Grant post-launch support. 
  7. Improve and expand upon request.
Can I launch an MVP without a technical background? 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, many of our clients have launched their software without a technical background. We will help you dive into the specifics of software development to the extent you need for successful completion.

What are your payment terms?

Normally, we charge by milestones. We provide you with an estimate before a sprint, a report on spent hours, and access to deliverables after it.

The payment is due upon your acceptance.